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presents a revolutionary kind of hockey tape


Specter sports

We are hockey fanatics, who are always searching for ways to become better hockey players. After many different combinations of materials and lots of scientific research, we have developed a new kind of hockey tape, that has been tested not only by us, but also by hockey players from juniors all the way to stars from the NHL.

Product packaging

Specter tape

Revolutionary hockey tape

Specter tape

new kind of hockey tape

Specter tape

 20 %

more spin on the puck = a faster and more accurate shot

 50 %

lighter than traditional hockey tape


easier to apply, takes only a few seconds


longer lasting than traditional tape



  1. Always apply at room temperature. The tape will fully adhere and will last longer.
  2. Always apply to a clean blade. Make sure there are no glue residues before application.
  3. Before application try positioning the tape against your blade. If the shape needs to be adjusted, use scissors.
  4. The product always comes in a forehand and backhand side pair.
  5. Remove the lining paper and apply to your blade so that the tape is at least 3mm from the botton edge of the blade.
  6. After application, make sure to press the tape onto the blade firmly. You can roll a puck over, or any other round shape object.
  7. The ideal application should be at least 15 minutes before the game.

what we are working on

our news

We have won the US Connection competition


We have been fortunate to win a 35 000 USD grant among more than 30 competitors!

We have filed a patent application


Our technological process and the resulting product is protected by a patent application we have filed in August of 2017

We are expanding our product testing team


New version of our product is here! If you want to test it with us,
apply here!

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  • portfolio

    Peter Ölvecký

    Dukla Trenčín
    Slovak national hockey team

  • portfolio

    Zdeno Chára

    Captain of the Boston Bruins
    Stanley Cup and Norris trophy winner

    „With SPECTER TAPE I have better puck control and a better shot“

  • portfolio

    Juraj Valach

    Piráti Chomutov
    Slovak national hockey team

    Olympic games 2018, Pjongčang, South Korea

  • portfolio video work

    Juraj Valach

    Olympic games 2018
    Pjongchang, South Korea

  • portfolio

    Adam Podgorski

    Paneuropa Kings

    “SPECTER TAPE lasts longer and I like my shot better than with traditional tape“

  • portfolio

    Lívia Lučová

    NAIT Ooks hockey
    Slovak national women’s hockey team

    “My shot is more accurate thanks to SPECTER TAPE“

  • portfolio

    Juraj Majdan

    HC Litvínov
    Slovak Extraleague All-Star 2015/2016 “

    “I have a better shot thanks to SPECTER TAPE“

  • portfolio video work

    Adam Podgorski

    International University
    Sports Federation 2018

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